SPECCOM on Climate Change

SPECCOM on Climate Change - MUNCH 21

The topics for the Special Committee on Climate Change are:

The Issue of Extreme Weather Patterns as a Result of Climate Change

The Issue of Sustainable Animal Agriculture

The Issue of the Destruction of the Amazon Rainforest

The Head Chair for this committee is Miliani Fraser-Fletcher

This year the Special Committee will be on climate change as we believe it is an increasingly important issue that encompasses the whole world. We have therefore dedicated this whole committee to finding solutions to this very relevant and pressing issue. We may be running out of time to stop a climate disaster which is why we will be trying to cover three different aspects of the multi-sided problem: extreme weather, managing agriculture, and ecosystem destruction. I hope you have a very fruitful day of debating and problem solving.

Head Chair,

Miliani Fraser-Fletcher

All resolutions should be emailed to milianifraser22@chschool.co.uk before 23.59 on Thursday 7th October, as well as a physical copy brought in on the day.