To continue MUNCH tradition, we will again be holding a competition for the best notepaper. Ambassadors will be expected to hand in a piece of their notepaper upon registration. This will be judged, and a winner will be announced.

Why do you need notepaper?

  • Obviously, you cannot talk with other delegates during the debate.

  • You may need to ask other delegates or your Chairs for advice.

  • You may wish to ask other delegates to support you in the debate.

Notes may be passed during committees and in GA but must be on official headed notepaper. Each delegation should come with notepaper which clearly identifies their country. The Chair reserves the right to suspend note passing at any time. All the notes must be passed by secretaries, so please remember to be polite to them at all times.

Notepaper is a great way to:

  • Form alliances and set up yield chains.

  • "Get to know" your fellow delegates.

  • Raise any issues or queries with your Chair.

Notepaper can be funny or serious, but must not be distasteful, rude, offensive or pointless. Try to make your notepaper stand out from other delegations; it can be a great way to get recognised in your committee.

All notes will be checked by the Head Secretary before being passed.