SPECCOM on Diversity - MUNCH 22

The topics for the SPECCOM are:

The Issue of Gender and Racial Representation in Police Forces

The Issue of the Legal Recognition of Transgender People Worldwide

The Issue of the Right to Education Amongst Indigenous Peoples

The Head Chair for this committee is Andrew Pimlott

This year the Special Committee will be on the theme of Diversity. We believe that issues related to Diversity are some of the most important and sensitive issues that the world is currently facing. We cannot discuss everything in our committee that falls into this topic, as this is such a wide problem that affects so many areas of modern life, but we hope to attempt to find a solution to just some of the main issues. We will debate gender and racial representation in police forces, the legal recognition of transgender people worldwide and the right to education amongst indigenous peoples. We hope you will all have fruitful debate and can find solutions to these issues.

Head Chair,

Andrew Pimlott

All resolutions should be emailed to andrewpimlott24@chschool.co.uk before 23.59 on Thursday 7th October, as well as a physical copy brought in on the day.

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