Social, Cultural and Humanitarian - MUNCH 22

The topics for the SOCHUM Committee are:

The Issue of Human Rights Violations in Refugee Camps

The Issue of the Rights and Safety of Sex Workers

The Issue of the Right to Adequate Housing

The Head Chair for this committee is Rahul Surapaneni

Today there are many social and humanitarian issues and crises facing the world. The three issues that will be debated this year are the issue of human right violations in refugee camps, the issue of the rights and safety of sex workers and the issue of the right to adequate housing. These are prominent issues faced by many today and have only been amplified by recent conflicts and the pandemic. The issues of human rights violations in refugee camps and the right to adequate housing are important issues that many of the world's poorest face and the issue of the rights and safety of sex workers is another significant issue faced by many. I hope you have an enjoyable and productive weekend of debating and enjoy this year's MUNCH.

Head Chair,

Rahul Surapaneni

All resolutions should be emailed to before 23.59 on Thursday 7th October, as well as a physical copy brought in on the day.