Political - MUNCH 22

The topics for the Political Committee are:

The Issue of Political Misinformation

The Issue of Ensuring Democracy Worldwide

The Issue of Different Voting Systems Around the World

The Head Chair for this committee is Alvaro Rodrigo

Winston Churchill once said: “Politics is not a game, but a serious business”, and in the Political Committee we will face serious business this year. In the last months we have seen how what for many is an outrageous invasion and a terrible war yet for others is a mission to save Ukrainians from the “Nazi West”. If we all have access to the same information, we should all get to the same conclusions, but that doesn´t seem to be the case. We have seen how democracy is more at risk than ever, the terrible failure to establish it in Afghanistan for example has condemned so many people to terrible difficulties. We know that true democracy can only come from a fair voting system, but it seems difficult to agree on what is fair. Acknowledging these problems, we will try and find solutions in the three issues for debate. I hope you have a wonderful time discussing such relevant topics and have fruitful debates.

Head Chair,

Alvaro Rodrigo

All resolutions should be emailed to arodrigodd@gmail.com before 23.59 on Thursday 7th October, as well as a physical copy brought in on the day.

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